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Teatro Huevo

Music Video Clips

Series of music videos of the music of Teatro Huevo. A musical and theatrical journey through some of our themes. This entire collection is part of the "Huevo" Theater Channel on YouTube with open access and for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

Promocional: Volumen 1

Promocional: Volumen 2



Teatro Huevo: Crunchi and the invisibles (Official Video)

Teatro Huevo: Luxury Accommodation (Official Video) | Girl from wind to earth (LAV)

Teatro Huevo - Our Land

(Official Video)

Teatro Huevo - Dairy and Legumes (Official Video)

Teatro Huevo - Song of the Algash
(Official Video)

Girl from  wind to earth - The Foreigner (Official Video) | LAV | Teatro Huevo

Teatro Huevo - I

(Official Video)

Promotional | "Huevo Revuelto" album launch clip | Teatro Huevo


Music and direction: Sol Inzunza Barra

Art: Cristian Mayorga, Loreto Contreras y Ximena Donaire

Production: Teatro Huevo

Musical interpretation: Juan Pablo Aguilera Astorga, Héctor Burgos Troncoso, Carlos Galdames, Sol Inzunza Barra, Christian Lira Opazo, Francisco Oyarzún, Sophia Ceccetto, Rosario Farías, Álvaro Núñez, Bernardita Cabezas, Claudio Díaz, Maximiliano Morales

Audiovisual production, production and post-production: Aura Visual, Catarsis Films

Poster: Juan Andrés Rivera, Víctor Silva - Chincol Diseño

Difussion: Carlos Galdames, Teatro Huevo

Technical support: Nelson Vera

Cast: Maia Lúa Díaz, Bárbara Medina, Juan Pablo Aguilera, Damián Antiguez, Cecilia Barril, Héctor Burgos, Pilar Cuevas, Paola Evaresti, Sol Inzunza, Alicia Mansilla,  Israel Cortés, Sabrina Porcel, Iván Triviño, Nelson Vera, Felipe Vidal, María José Vivero

Projects financed by the Regional Government of Aysén and its Council, through the F.N.D.R. 8%, Calls 2022 and 2023,

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